The Elitropia Association is going to close soon the subscriptions for "A dinner with Messer Giovanni".

The dinner takes place in the enchanting atmosphere of Boccaccio Street in the medieval town of Certaldo Alto with a typically medieval menu, with terracotta dishes and wooden spoon as it was used in ancient times. Meals will be served by characters dressed in medieval costumes. On the website ( is possible to check all the menu and book for the dinner by filling the form on the "Contacts" page or even calling the association: Grazia Palmieri 0571 663128 - Cell. 335 6988480

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Museum | dalle 9.30-13-30 / 14.30-19.00

  • Palazzo pretorio

    Built  at the end of the twelfth century, it was the Alberti count family's mansion house, later Vicar's seat.

  • Boccaccio's house

    Giovanni Boccaccio's house today is a museum and also a famous library which house in  translations of Boccaccio's work such as “The Decameron”, “Ninfale Fiesolano” , etc...

  • Museum of Sacred art

    Born as an Augustinian Convent, today the building shows religious paintings of important artists.