The 2013 is going to be an amazing year in Certaldo.

The 7th centenary of Giovanni Boccaccio's birth is an essential moment for showing what recent research has discovered through the years about one of the most important authors of Italian literature and also an occasion for everyone to get to know Boccaccio and his life.
What's on? The programme is extremely full of interesting events such as food and wine festivals, contemporary art exhibitions, music and theatre shows, a literary contest, guided tours and folk festivals.
Florence, Tuscany and most of all Certaldo, will be the setting of these events, along with cultural conferences and historical conventions, which will take place in important European and American cities and universities.
Writing the Decameron, Giovanni Boccaccio had gave another life to the Italian prose. Enhancing the highest human spiritual values he becomes paladin of an unknown equity between man and woman. His characters are so rooted in carnality but often lined out with irony and endurance.
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Let's celebrate with us Giovanni Boccaccio's birthday!

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Museum | dalle 9.30-13-30 / 14.30-19.00

  • Palazzo pretorio

    Built  at the end of the twelfth century, it was the Alberti count family's mansion house, later Vicar's seat.

  • Boccaccio's house

    Giovanni Boccaccio's house today is a museum and also a famous library which house in  translations of Boccaccio's work such as “The Decameron”, “Ninfale Fiesolano” , etc...

  • Museum of Sacred art

    Born as an Augustinian Convent, today the building shows religious paintings of important artists.