It is said that Boccaccio was born in June, year 1313, although the storic sources don't know excactly where, if in Florence or Certaldo. But it is sure that June in Certaldo is going to be an amazing month, rich of cultural, artistic, literary events.

Firstly on wednesday 5th of June, 17.00, the official presentation of the postage stamp dedicated to Giovanni Boccaccio followed by an exhibition of old postcards and the performance of the artist Francesca Lettieri "Escape". The 8th and the 15th of June the yearly medieval dinner "A cena con Messer Giovanni" takes place in the wonderful atmosphere of Certaldo alto. It's still possible book seats  checking the web site
From the afternoon to late night on Saturday 8th of June the lower parte of the town is filled by street artists such as Zed1 or "Stelle Confuse", which create new works live writing on the wall or putting stickers on a car. Then shows like basket free style, skateboard, parkour and breakdance.
Tuesday 13th of June,  21.30, "Boccaccio's gost is roaming free in Certaldo", a preview of "Decameron 2013" edited by Marco Vichi and other 40 tuscan writers.
Friday 14th of June double date at 21.00 and 22.00 with "L'Oranona" teatrical association read a tales taken by the Decameron, this is the time of the very well known "Fra' Cipolla", one of the most famous.
Last but not least, friday 28th of June the traditional "Ernesto Calindri Prize" at 21.00

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Museum | dalle 9.30-13-30 / 14.30-19.00

  • Palazzo pretorio

    Built  at the end of the twelfth century, it was the Alberti count family's mansion house, later Vicar's seat.

  • Boccaccio's house

    Giovanni Boccaccio's house today is a museum and also a famous library which house in  translations of Boccaccio's work such as “The Decameron”, “Ninfale Fiesolano” , etc...

  • Museum of Sacred art

    Born as an Augustinian Convent, today the building shows religious paintings of important artists.