Next date Friday 14th June with the cunning "Fra' Cipolla", the most known character of Decameron.

Polis Association and L'Oranona teatre celebrate the VIIth Centenary of Giovanni Boccaccio's birth with a series of reading taken from the poet's masterpiece, The Decameron. Every second friday of the month, h 21.00 and 22.00, for all the 2013 (except for July and August), Boccaccio's house is going to be the stage for these performances, which are a sort of "Best of".  Here are all the dates:

14 June: VI, 10 Frate Cipolla...

13 September: VII, 9 Lidia Moglie di Nicostrato...

11 October: VIII, 8 Due usano insieme...

8 November: IX, 6 Due giovani albergano...

13 December: X, 10 Il Marchese di Salluzzo...

At the end it is possible take the numbered postcard made by the local painter Carlo Romiti, who is also the director of the show, have a glass of vinsanto with cantuccini, or buy the audio cd “Si racconta le novelle del Boccaccio”, with all the first day of The Decameron inside.
Booking is recommended calling 0571 661265 or Mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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Museum | dalle 9.30-13-30 / 14.30-19.00

  • Palazzo pretorio

    Built  at the end of the twelfth century, it was the Alberti count family's mansion house, later Vicar's seat.

  • Boccaccio's house

    Giovanni Boccaccio's house today is a museum and also a famous library which house in  translations of Boccaccio's work such as “The Decameron”, “Ninfale Fiesolano” , etc...

  • Museum of Sacred art

    Born as an Augustinian Convent, today the building shows religious paintings of important artists.